5 Reasons To Shred Consistently

Did you know that protecting your private information is critical in preventing identity theft? Shredding all documents containing personal information is a necessary form of identity protection. Criminals commonly search through the trash to find information they can use for nefarious deeds. Shredding destroys your documents, so your information cannot be used against you.

Using a paper shredding service regularly could spare you the hassle of ever having to deal with identity theft. It can also benefit your household in many other ways like:

Helping To Stay Organized

Paper is messy and takes up a lot of space. There is no use in holding on to documents that are years old and have no relevance to your current situation. Regular shredding helps you clear out the clutter and ensures that your unwanted documents aren’t lying around, getting lost, or ending up in the wrong hands.

Prevent Buildup

When piles of documents are stored in an unsecured area, they pose a threat. Documents can be stolen or mistakenly thrown away; exposing your financial, personal, or medical information. Having a shredding schedule makes certain that your documents are destroyed regularly to avoid buildup.

Save money

Consistent shredding helps reduce costs by keeping your paper volume low. Smaller quantities of documents are less expensive to shred, making quality shredding services more affordable for your home.

Higher Security

Professional shredding services include many safeguards to protect your information. Universal Paper Shredding is a certified shredding company that has strict hiring policies, chain of custody protocols, and limited access to your documents throughout the shredding process.


Scheduled shredding is available for both mobile and offsite shredding services. You will be able to select the service that works best for you.

A mobile shredding service comes to your location via a shred truck to destroy your documents onsite.

Consistently shredding your documents maintains confidentiality and protects your valuable information. Universal Paper Shredding offers affordable shredding options for commercial and residential jobs across Texas and Arizona. Contact us today to learn about the shredding options near you.